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What to expect with a Tubco bathtub or shower:

» High Quality And Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance bathtubs, Whirlpools, Hydrotherapy Systems Tubco uses only the highest grade acrylic that insulates and provides excellent heat retention with a finished surface that is velvety smooth to the touch. Your Tubco bathtub is strong and durable and will resistant everyday wear and tear, stains, and superficial scratches. And, because your bathtub is virtually maintenance free, cleaning requires no scrubbing or harsh chemicals, making it easy on your hands and the environment.

To clean the high gloss surface, use only a soft cloth or sponge with a non-abrasive soap and water. Rinse, then dry with a soft cloth and your bathtub will provide years of hassle free enjoyment.

» Deep Soaking

Deep Soaking Tubs Tubco's deep soaking bathtubs feature sculpted backrests, integrated seats and arm rests, all offering greater comfort and accessibility, and representing the latest evolution in a modern deep soaking tub. Many of our models are large enough to easily acommodate two adults. Our designs are the culmination of 25+ years of research and development as well as a response to our retail outlets, customers and prospective clients.

The optional Whirlpool, Air Force and Combo systems can be added to your deep soaking tub for maximum enjoyment and relaxation. Our deep seating ergonomic body support technology combined with the precision state-of-the-art massage jets provide the ultimate body massage.
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» Designer Colours

Tubco Designer Whirlpools and Hydrotherapeutic Bath Tubs For professionals looking for that ultimate finish to your bathroom design, Tubco offers a palette of designer colours in additional to our standard colours, on almost all bathtubs, ranging from soft neutral tones to rich, deep colours. The finishing touch to your dream bath is our colour coordinated acrylic jets. Express your distinctive style using our designer colour palette.
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» Easy Installation

Front Panel Tub Access All Tubco bath products are manufactured from the highest grade acrylic and offer hassle free, ease of installation. Our double reinforced base makes pouring concrete obsolete. Choose from alcove, drop-in/podium, corner and free-standing installations. Some models come with removable front panel, integrated apron and tiling flanges to help speed you to completion of your custom bathroom project.
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» Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Whirlpools and Hydrotherapeutic Bathtubs Because Tubco uses only the highest grade acrylic, your Tubco product has excellent heat retention meaning longer, warmer bathing. Our Whirlpool and Air Force Systems are also manufactured using the high efficiency pumps, blowers and heaters, maximizing power while minimizing noise and effects on the environment. Inline heaters keep your water warmer, longer which helps to save on water and energy costs.
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