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Turn your bathroom into a in-home spa.

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» Tubco Whirlpool Options

Let the stress of the day fade away with an ‘in-home spa’ that a Tubco Whirlpool can provide. Reality is, spa therapy can make a huge difference in your health and quality of living. Facing serious health issues? Immersion and movement in water is an ideal way to improve health and combat the onset of disease or immobility.

Tubco Whirlpools come with ergonomically positioned water jets that can be controlled and adjusted for direction and flow, achieving a relaxing massage to various parts of your body. Upgrade your whirlpool, with the our top-of-the-line electronic control panel and timer for added enjoyment of your bathing experience.
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Tubco Designer Whirlpools and Hydrotherapeutic Bath Tubs

» Tubco Air Force Systems

The Tubco Air Force system provides the best massage a bath can offer. The Air Force system uses only air to create the water movement in the bath to achieve all its therapeutic capabilities. Each Air Force bath is equipped with an energy efficient turbine which blows warm air through numerous air jets (38 to 110 depending on the model) located around the lower part of the tub wall. Air and water blend together and massage the whole body, from neck to toes.

The physical benefits of Tubco's Air Force bath are numerous.
- Air Force cleans and softens the skin
- activates blood circulation
- induces an important muscular relaxation
- soothes stiff joints, sore muscles and reduces back aches

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Tubco Designer Whirlpools and Hydrotherapeutic Bath Tubs

» When only the best will do! Tubco's Combination System

The Tubco Combination System is the most effective therapeutic system we can recommend.

This option combines our top-of-the-line Whirlpool system with our Therapeutic Air Force system to accomodate everyone's preference in luxury bathing.

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» Factory Installed Chromatherapy

Chromatherapy By Tubco Whirlpools Ltd.Not just a decorative element, Chromatherapy is a scientifically proven therapeutic treatment using the effect of color to harmonize one's physical and/or psychological condition. Each colour's vibrational properties either stimulate or sooth depending on it's frequency. Tubco's Chromatherapy is a factory installed state-of-the-art fiber optic L.E.D. lighting system that dramatically enhances your bathing experience. Choose a repeating sequence of eight hues, or choose the color that suits your mood.
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Strategically positioned jets

» Tubco's Full Back Massage

Many of Tubco's Whirlpools come with Tubco's Full Back Massage system.   The jets are strategically positioned on the backrest to provide a comforting massage from the shoulders to the lower back.  The number of jets in your back massage varies depending on the model purchased.
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» Electronic Control Panels

Integrated Electronic Control PanelsThe easy-to-use and stylish waterproof control panels are integrated into the design of your Tubco bathtub.  A variety of functions are available depending on your needs, from a simple on-off pad to personally customized pre-programmed timed hydrotheraphy session.

Instantly adjust the water temperature, jet sequences or Chromatherapy with just a tap of a button.
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» Energy Efficiency Pump, Blower & Heater

Energy Efficient Whirlpools and Hydrotherapeutic BathtubsThe pump and blower are activated by the mechanical air button or electronic touch control.  The 1.5hp whirlpool pump provides consistent water pressure throughout the tub while variable speed controls allow you to customize your massage.

The heater is an energy efficient, water saving system that will maintain a desired water temperature throughout the tub for the duration of your bathing time.
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