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Tubco Air Force Systems

The Tubco Air Force system uses warm air to create the water movement achieving a gentle, massaging hydrotherapy. Each Air Force bath is equipped with an energy efficient turbine which blows warm air through numerous air jets (38 to 110 depending on the model) located around the lower part of the tub wall. Air and water blend together and massage the whole body, from neck to toes.

The physical benefits of Tubco's Air Force bath are numerous.
- Air Force cleans and softens the skin
- Activates blood circulation
- Induces an important muscular relaxation
- Soothes stiff joints, sore muscles and reduces back aches

The extensive utilization of Tubco's Air Force bath for therapeutic purposes in institutions, such as hospitals, health care or palliative centres, and relaxation resorts, are the best endorsements possible. Air Force bathtubs have an excellent reputation for their sanitary protection, safety features, and ease of cleaning.
Standard features of the Tubco Air Force System are:
- 1 Warm air blower, variable speed
- Up to 110 micro-air jets (depending on the model)
- 1 electronic control (includes timer)
- purge cycle 2 pulsation cycle

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